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Fused Frit Flamingo

OK, so I've decided to let a tiny bit of the cat out of the bag. Not too much, maybe just the whiskers for now. This 6" x 6" panel is made of colored frit powder on a clear glass tile. The black linework is a material of my own concoction. This is one of several "proof of concept" pieces that I'm creating in preparation for sharing this process with other glass artists. In 2016 it's my intention to begin teaching workshops in this and other new ways of working with frit powders (also known as ground glass). We're talking three-dimensional sculptures made without casting, pate de verre-style pieces that don't require investment molds, and paintings like this one,

with crisp, detailed linework in a variety of colors. This is just the whisker of my idea. Stay tuned for more and all will be revealed! What a wild ride it's turning out to be. This is the result of nearly four years of experimentation and formulation. I know, it's just a flamingo. But really, it's a lot more. Since this is Glass Bird Studios, I'm going to try and stick with bird-inspired themes for the most part. But who knows, anything has the potential to inspire.

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