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Welcome to Glass Bird Studios! This site features original works of art made from kiln-formed glass. Lois Manno has been an artist for the past 30 years, and has chosen the medium of kiln-formed glass to share her lifelong passion for Nature's beauty.


Enjoy the collection of hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind glass feathers. Each feather can be hung on the wall or can rest on a tabletop. If you love a particular bird and would like her to make a custom feather, no problem. You can also find freestanding sculptures combining feathers and hand-sculpted glass "stones". Glass Bird Studios even has a line of jewelry-sized glass feathers.


You will also find beautiful works of glass art that celebrate Nature's other wonders: landscape, skies, caves, and anything else that catches Lois' eye. Commissions are accepted.

"Cloudsplitter: Magnificent Frigatebird" 2014

Bas-relief glass powder on glass panel. 12"w x 28"h.

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