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Lois wearing one of her hand-made glass feather pendants.

Photo by Sara Bergthold


About the Artist

"Glass reignited my passion to create art."

Glass Bird Studios founder Lois Manno has been a professional artist and author for the last 30 years. During her college years in Texas, she studied Drawing & Painting, and has illustrated books for numerous publishers. 


After decades of working in two-dimensional, conventional media like acrylic paint and pastel, Lois began working in kiln-formed glass. A workshop offered by Bullseye Glass Company transformed Lois' entire attitude toward making art. Subsequent training in coldworking techniques and special effects in glass expanded her skill set. She has since developed several techniques unique to her own interest: creating three-dimensional sculptural glass objects without the need for molds. Using glass powder, she creates art inspired by what she loves—feathers, the sky, birds, and other forms from nature.


When not working in her Sandia Park, New Mexico glass studio, Lois is traveling the country teaching her unique method of working sculpturally with glass powders and frit.


Lois has been a contributor to the Bullseye Glass Blog. She is a Fellow of the National Speleological Society and the Cave Research Foundation.


Her work can be found in numerous private collections across the country. Lois' glass work has been included in numerous exhibits nationally. She is a member of the New Mexico Glass Alliance. Her work can be found at Weisser Glass in Kensington, MD.


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