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Welcome to Glass Bird Studios!

Have you ever walked along a trail in one of your favorite places outdoors and picked up a beautiful feather lying on the ground? I think just about everyone has done this at one time or another. My own house is festooned with stones, sticks, and other artifacts from Nature's grab-bag. What most people don't know, is that possessing the feathers of wild birds is illegal. That's right...the flicker feather jutting jauntily from your hat brim is a misdemeanor crime. Don't blame me...I think it's crazy too. But this law was established to protect wild birds, back in the day when feathered hats were a worldwide fashion craze. Many birds were hunted to the brink of extinction (and some, in fact, did go extinct).

Here's your opportunity to enjoy the glorious beauty of a wild bird feather without guilt, and without running the risk that your cousin who works in law enforcement will raid your house and arrest you for harboring an illegal feather. Owning an original glass feather from Glass Bird Studios is the best way to express your admiration for the beauty of birds! A glass feather won't fade, won't get eaten by insects, and won't get you thrown in the pokey. Contact us if you would like to know more about owning any of the beautiful glass artwork you find on this site. Custom orders are also possible.

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